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Our approach to developing successful websites

There are four traits of a successful website. The second depends on the first and the third depends on the second. If the first is missing, the website doesn’t work at all. If the first is present and the second missing, the website still does not work. If the first two are present and only […]

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Labour Law in a Nutshell August 2019

DEFINING CHARGES: Do disciplinary charges always have to be defined like criminal charges to stick? “No” – said the Labour Appeal Court (“LAC”) in an appeal decided in August 2019[1] There’s often a similarity between misconduct charges in the workplace and charges in the criminal court. In criminal law, each crime has defined “elements”. For […]

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Labour Law in a Nutshell July 2019

REFRESHER ON RESIGNATIONS: What are the practical mechanics of notice periods? Resignations have featured in several labour court judgements and CCMA awards recently. They reveal quite a lot of misconceptions about how the mechanics of resignations are supposed to work. So this is a “back to basics” refresher to remind us how to deal with […]

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Labour Law in a Nutshell June 2019

REFUSAL TO CHANGE CONDITIONS: Can an employer dismiss employees for refusing to accept changes to working conditions?   Yes – said the labour court in Numsa vs Trident Steel.  The company needed to restructure its operations to survive. It redefined job descriptions and cut its workforce by about 500 mainly through VSP’s in consultation with Numsa. […]

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Labour Law in a Nutshell April 2019

RESIGNATION & DISCIPLINE: Can an employer proceed with a disciplinary enquiry after an employee resigns with immediate effect on receipt of a notice of suspension or notice of enquiry? No & Yes “No” – said the Labour Court in Kalipa Mtati v KPMG Services[1]in October 2016 . “Yes” – said the court later in Coetzee v […]

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Labour Law in a Nutshell February 2019

STRIKE FOR STRESS: Why are workers still willing to go on strike when the odds of scoring real financial gains are stacked against them?   The annual wage negotiations and “strike season” will unfold again in the next few weeks. It’s generally understood that the main reasons workers go on strike are to secure better […]

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Labour Law in a Nutshell January 2019

LABOUR LAW in a Nutshell: What to expect in 2019? Politics The upcoming elections will turbo charge the levels of populist rhetoric and activity in both public and private workplaces.  Competition between the pro-poor and left leaning Saftu versus its former comrades, the ANC aligned and more moderate Cosatu will intensify in the media and […]