Months of preparation see Bank of Lisbon reduced to rubble in 10 seconds | The Star – Independent Online

A large crowd gathered to view the implosion of the Bank of Lisbon building last Sunday. Timothy Bernard African News Agency (ANA)
The Bank of Lisbon building demolition was no easy feat.

Looking at video footage of the almost 10 seconds it took for the building to come tumbling down makes the demolition look like it was easy. But it took Jet Demolition 914kg of conventional mining and civil engineering explosives to do the job.

The 31-storey building caught fire last year leading to the death of three firefighters. Last Sunday, after months of preparation, the building was demolished without a hitch.

According to the demolishers, one of the hardest things about the implosion was it’s close proximity to neighbouring buildings.

Jet Demolition director Liz Brinkmann said the closest was only 7.8m away.

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