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Gauteng residents have been warned to be aware that the water shortage in the province could become worse.

Ward councillor in the Moor Elmarie Linde issued the warning after a big portion of the area, especially the high lying suburbs, were without water for the whole weekend after the Wonderboom reservoir hit a low.
The water was still off by Monday, Linde said.

She said Wonderboom South has been without water since Friday, and Mountain View and Suiderberg since Sunday.

Other areas in the Moot, including Mayville, Eloffsdal, Roseville, Gezina and some parts of Rietfontein, only had low water pressure.

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Linde said she arranged for water tanks on Monday.

“A big reason for the water shortage in Pretoria is due to the fact that Rand Water has limited our water supply with as much as 40 percent,” she said.

“The water usage, however, remained the same, which was why some reservoirs ran empty.”

Elmarie Linde

She said this was also the reason why high lying areas had no water while low lying areas only had limited supply.

“Residents should not blame the Tshwane metro for the water shortage,” Linde said.

“Over the past 15 years, we have had much less rain than ever before, which means that there is a drought. The water table is very low so there is very little underground water available also.”

She said residents with boreholes were in a better position, although they should also be warned not to overuse the boreholes.

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“All water must be saved where possible,” she said.

Linde said the metro introduced water restrictions some time ago, and it was therefore important for residents not to water their gardens, wash their vehicles with a garden hose or fill the pool.

“I understand that it is very hot and thus, the water consumption is much more,” she said.

“But we have to start considering each other so that there are no people who are without water.”

She said there were many ways residents could save water.

“Residents need to realise water is scarce and it must be used sparingly so that the Tshwane metro does not completely run out of water,” she said.

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