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TSHWANE City staffer Lolo Phala is a finalist in Mrs Universe South Africa. Mahlatsi Dibakwane
Pretoria – City of Tshwane employee Lolo Phala, a finalist in Mrs Universe South Africa pageant, has set her heart on being an advocate against domestic violence against boys and men.

The 39-year-old said that her colleagues gave her the nudge to enter the pageant because of the confidence she had when going about her business at Tshwane House. The theme for this year’s pageant is “Violence against Women and Children”.

She is expected to collect funds and raise awareness for victims of domestic violence.

“When I saw the theme I was more than happy because there are men and boys who are abused and don’t get any attention.

“In South Africa we have concentrated more on the abuse against women and children, what about the men? Young boys are abused and I don’t see people standing up for them.

“I have a son and I want him to be able to communicate how he feels. I don’t want him to shy away because most men are supposed to be strong.

“I want boys and men to be open about the abuse against them. I want the abuse against boys and men to become a topic that everyone can talk about and not remain a secret.

“When young boys are abused emotionally, physically and sexually, they should be vocal about it and tell someone close to them.”

The beauty, who is from Pretoria East, said she was also was a champion of women’s empowerment.

“I believe that when women come together and work together they can achieve a lot of things.

“The pageant has a strong focus on social responsibility and to make a real difference in our beautiful country.”

Phala added that she was looking forward to the crowning on September 28 at the Roodepoort Theatre.

“I’ve decided to get out of my comfort zone and do the hard stuff, and keep a brave face while doing it.

“We only have one life to live and we must live it to the fullest,” she said.

Phala said she hoped the pageant would assist her to become a spokesperson on issues which women in Africa faced every day.

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