Property crimes spike in Garsfontein – Rekord East

Property crimes such as burglaries, theft of and out of motor vehicles are on the rise in Garsfontein, local police said this week.

Station commander Colonel Kervin Solomons said while the police were doing everything in their power to ensure the community was safe, he called on them to take more preventative measures.

“We still depend on our community for assistance; they are our eyes and ears,” said Solomons.

Spokesperson Warrant Officer Michael Nel said police had conducted regular crime awareness campaigns in the area.

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“Despite this, human error and negligence are still main contributors to property crimes,” he said.

He said locals still left valuable items such as laptop and cell phones in their vehicles, kept their security gates unlocked or alarms systems disarmed.

“This turns the odds in the criminal’s favour and will surely make use of the chance to make off with your valuables.”

“It is important act proactively when fighting crime; rather remove your laptop from your vehicle and carry it with you than leaving it in your vehicle, trusting it will not be stolen.”

He had the following safety tips:

Be alert and ensure you are well acquainted with your surroundings, especially of your premises.

Be on the lookout for things that are out of the ordinary, e.g., unfamiliar people or suspicious vehicles near your residence or business.

Ensure you know your dog’s behaviour, e.g., if your dog always awaits your arrival at the gate and one day doesn’t, this should alert you.

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Nel further said if things in and around your premises are misplaced, this may be an indication that someone possibly was or might still be on your premises.

“If you feel uncomfortable when returning home and suspect something might be wrong, don’t enter; rather walk around the house to check whether all the doors and windows are intact.

“Ensure you have your armed response panic button at hand; it’s of little value when you need it, but left it in your handbag or vehicle.”

He also advised residents to test their alarms from time to time to ensure they are in working condition, but warn your security provider beforehand.

“If your house is equipped with an alarm system, make sure you activate it.

“If you don’t have one, install a reliable alarm system with perimeter beams linked to an armed response company, if you can.

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