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A dedicated team at SPCA Centurion will spend the 21-day lockdown on site to provide veterinary care.

General manager of the SPCA Centurion, Karen Gelderblom said they will still care for the 150 animals currently on site.

Gelderblom is concerned about animals that will be left behind as people flee to family in other provinces due to Covid-19.

“We’ve seen a slight increase in numbers of people bring (sic) their pets and we expect it to increase,” said Gelderblom.

The weekend markets at the SPCA have been cancelled until further notice. The bookshop is also closed for the next couple of weeks.

“It will have a financial … [impact] as we will not be able to sell dog and cat food or any animal products.”

SPCA Centurion will have workers on-site to ensure the welfare of the animals.

This week, Gelderblom urged the community to donate mattresses, blankets and food for the personnel who will be on site during the lock-down.

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“We are thankful to the community for dropping off items to help the workers who will still take care of the animals. The community is a blessing and we want to thank each and everyone who made a contribution,” she said.

Senior inspector Diale Ratsela of SPCA Centurion will still be available for emergencies and ensure that stray and critically ill animals can are admitted during the lockdown.

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