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Tshwane tariff increases: What you need to know | Rekord Moot – Rekord Moot

The Tshwane metro has announced its tariff increases for the 2019/2020.

Taxes on properties in the capital have increased by six percent.

“The first R150 000 value of residential properties is exempted,” the metro said.

“Meanwhile, pensioners, as well as persons with physical and mental disabilities, are granted rebates under police conditions.”

Refuse removal will also increase by six percent.

“These are based on the container size removed per week.”

Under the new tariffs, the cost of removing an 85-litre black bin once a week will be R101,12 and R285,48 for a 240-litre bin.

Water and sanitation tariffs have increased by 10 percent.

“Using up to 6 kilolitres of water in a 30-day period will be charged at R11,61 per kilolitre while using more than 72 kilolitres in the same period will see a charge of R35,61 per kilolitre.”

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Residents will pay R8,21 per kilolitre for sanitation of between 0 and 6 kilolitres per 30-day period while usage of more than 42 kilolitres will be charged at R14,27 per kilolitres.

Residents will pay 13,07 percent more for electricity.

“An electricity connection with a conventional meter is charged from the previous meter reading for a 30-day period.

“Prepaid electricity purchases apply to a calendar month and charges apply accordingly.”

The domestic standard supply for single and three-phase will now be 160.31 cents per kWh for 0 to 100 kWh, 187.61 cents per kWh for 101 to 400 kWh and 204,40 cents per kWh for 401 to 650 kWh.

Those using more than 650 kWh will be charged 220,35 per kWh.

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